unusual comes as standard

fire cooking is different.

chillfood cooks with fire in unusual places. back to the soothingly simple, sustainable and relaxed.


our kitchens are old monasteries, thrift stores, river banks, botanical gardens, cellars, crooked towers, monster caves, gardens, palazzi above the roofs of venice, markets, industrial halls, tobacco barns, private apartments, stables, backyards, bear pits, ravines, ateliers, old breweries, railroad tracks, villas, brick kilns, fishermen's huts, bridge arches, coachmen's houses, roundabouts, balconies, glaciers, boat houses, churches, oven houses, alpine huts, old mills, quarries.


and many more.

here we cook for our guests. often together with them. and here the fiery adventure begins.


because unusual places often have no electricity we have become fire cooks. with flame, embers and fire pots. and we use these to cook old and new fire dishes from the alpine region and from all over the world.


also unusual are our ingredients. often rarities, but also simple delicacies from the farm nearby. we select them carefully and cook them fresh in their own character. straightforward, uncomplicated and reduced to the essential.


flavour enhancers and convenience have no place in our fire kitchen.

at chillfood you’ll find culinary experiences, food adventures, apéritifs, cooking events and fire cooking and grilling courses with a difference.


we have no price lists. we cook what fits the budget.


for companies, families, groups, weddings and teams of all sizes.


unique and fiery.

that’s what chillfood is all about.

fire catering

with our mobile fire kitchen, we fire cook at your home, your party, your birthday, your wedding, your company. or other unusual locations. guests are welcome to come to the kitchen and collect the dishes themselves. right out of the fragrant smoking fire pot.

we not only provide the food. on request, we also bring fire aperitifs, drinks, tablecloths, dishes, music, candles, fire pits and of course the fire itself.

feuercatering chillfood

orchestra cooking

for groups of 10 to 150 people, we compose a fire cooking concert with a difference. at an unusual location.

we provide the venue, the ingredients, the recipes and all fire cooking instruments.

the groups fire cook the individual courses one by one, eating wherever they fancy. the chillfooder stays in the background and helps where necessary. we call this orchestra cooking.

orchesterkochen chillfood

archaic firecooking

on the big fire, we take a step back in time and cook wild old original fire dishes.  

we use original methods to light the fire. old cooking techniques convey a sense of an earlier time. pleasingly pared back to the basics. stones and wood in place of pots and pans, products from nature as our ingredients.  

archaisches feuerkochen chillfood

seminars with a difference

organize a seminar or workshop at a very special location in the heart of bern. with us at the füüri. with lots of space. indoors and outdoors. flexible furnishing. for bar tables, tavolata, group seating and more. time for a refreshing dip in the aare river during the break. with fire kitchen accompaniment. for culinary variety. reservations possible in the first half of the week.

ungewöhnliche seminare und workshops chillfood


we also cater for weddings. our locations for the celebration are unusual and allow for a multitude of possibilities. from simple to ostentatious. from modest to lavish.

natural instead of pastel, fire kitchen instead of mini-servings, kitchen chatter instead of staying put in one spot, second-hand glasses instead of a posh refill service, caramel instead of cotton candy.

hochzeit chillfood füüri

fire cooking courses

fire chefs and book authors monika di muro and chris bay gained their knowledge through over 90 exciting fire cooking journeys all over the world, and pass on their experience at their fire cooking school.


chillfood isn’t about precise timing and accurate core temperatures. it's about the ancient soulful skill of dealing naturally with fire and embers. we’re passionate about reducing things down to the essential.

our fire cooking course calendar includes a wide selection of courses for individuals and small groups. and the range is constantly being expanded.

feuerkochkurse chillfood

chillfood's "füüri"

an exceptional event location in the heart of bern

we’ve made the seemingly impossible possible. right under the bridge. right on the aare. and in the middle of the city of bern. industrial chic with a touch of london. a world apart, just 16 minutes on foot from bern main station. find out more from our website at www.füüri.ch.


we’ve installed one of the most unusual fire kitchens. for cooking, smoking, braising, roasting, baking, steaming, stone cooking and stick roasting. for small to large groups. summer and winter. in sun and rain. here we fire cook together at a wide range of different fires and smoking stations. or we cook for you with your guests. with the most incredible fire dishes. course by course.

chillfood's füüri bern

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